Driving directions


Yes, these are ads. And not even new ads, but they are new to me. The first reminds me of an overly prescriptive, talkative GPS unit:


and this one reminds me of times when the GPS unit gets confused and says, essentially, “I give up; you are on your own;”


But GPS-enabled talking directions, while interesting, have limits. Not so with GPS-enabled written directions. Say you want to travel from Seattle, Washington, to Yokosuka, Japan. One of my coworkers pointed out that this can be very entertaining. Here is Google’s suggestion:


Seems pretty reasonable except — why is it 34 days? Travel down Washington 99 N to — what? Kayak across the Pacific to Hawaii?

So once in Hawaii we travel across Oahu and continue to the shore,


and then do some more kayaking before emerging in Japan near Choshi, and take various highways, tollways and such,


and at Step 52 we reach Route 16, the main highway for the Miura peninsula. It all makes sense.

Except, maybe, for the kayaking.

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