Highly encrypted map of Maryland

This highly detailed map of Maryland was reconstructed from a mass of fiendishly encrypted cardboard tokens. It was assembled after an intense multi-discipline effort by a health care informatician, a systems analyst, a nurse, a psychologist, a theologian, a historian, three writer-editors, an Internet projects manager, a literature specialist, a linguist, a chemist, a photographer, and an environmental projects consultant (a total of four individuals).

The cardboard tokens were uncovered in an obscure location in the Lake District, Cumbria, England. To assemble the map, the team used the latest EHACCATTPRT (Encrypted Heuristic Adaptive Cooperative Chromatic And Typographic Topological Pattern Recognition Technology, pronounced as “E-hack-pfft” in the US, “Aye-hack-puff” in Queen’s English, and in Liverpudlian, “Gnomish”) advances.

Next, the team will turn their talents to solving global economic issues.


Highly encrypted map of Maryland, formed from 1000 pieces