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Getting charged up for the road

After years of research and development and billions of dollars in investments, the Chevy Volt finally started appearing on roads. Initially, sales were modest, but they’ve picked up over the past couple of years. Also picking up are placement of electric vehicle charging stations.

For months at a time, the charging stations seemed to be bereft of customers, lonely outposts of a sustainable environment that showed no interest in sustainment. Eventually, the Nissan Leafs and Chevy Volts made an appearance, and at times even had to wait their turn at the electric nozzle, eagerly awaiting their fare share of ions.

Electric vehicle charging station in Silver Spring, Maryland

Electric vehicle charging station at Blair Plaza in Silver Spring, Maryland

Blair Plaza and the Blair Apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland, have made a strong commitment to sustainable development. This was done for both economic reasons (it costs less to operate without wasting materials and energy) and marketing purposes (most Americans, given a choice, choose to protect the environment). With 2013 threatening to unlease a flood of new plug-in hybrids, they may need to add a few more charging stations.