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TSA and communications

As you strip down to pass through a security gate at an airport, keep in mind that the Transportation Security Administration has spared no expense to bring the highest level of technology to securing your journey. This technology is rigorously tested,

TSA test of an electronic sign

TSA test test test of a TSA sign sign sign.

to make sure that you, the flying public, can travel securely, if not necessarily while wearing a belt, shoes, jewelry, or anything except possibly underwear.

Oops. Maybe not everything has been tested:

TSA communications error

TSA communications error in the real time security screening system.

Apparently there will be some delays with the TSA’s real time security screening system.

Football colours of our public schools

This framed poster was in a restaurant in Silver Spring. Aside from being yellowed with age, and reflecting the curious British tendency for the superfluous “u,” the poster is also intriguing for the locale: the restaurant is part of a French Canadian-owned chain.

Football colours of our public schools.

Football colours of our public schools.

Breast feeding in public buildings

This is a nicely evocative sign for a breast feeding room in a government building. Not only is it a charming graphic, but it is a definite sign of our times that such a sign exists and such a room exists.

Alas, the sign was, in fact, mounted askew.

Breast feeding in public buildings.

Breast feeding in public buildings.

Don’t think so

Despite what the sign says, these do not look like “Wallmount Paper Towel Holders.” In fact, they would probably make exceedingly poor wallmount paper towel holders, or any other kind of towel holders, wallmounted or otherwise. They also look to be made of glass, and are neither white nor stainless steel.

Be cautious, shoppers!

These are not wallmounted paper towel holders.

These are definitely not wallmount paper towel holders, despite what the sign suggests.