Monthly Archives: October 2013

Not trash

Sometimes a sign says it all. And other times, it says not enough. Such as this sign:

Trash can with sign saying it is not a trash can.

The sign says not a trash can. But the trash can certainly looks like a trash can.

Suggestions from friends as to what it might be, if not a trash can, include: a Dalek, a Congressional filing cabinet, an NSA listening post, and the future of newspapers.

Why I didn’t become a graphic artist

I spent most of my grade school years drawing pictures instead of doing classwork. Classwork was easy, so I did that quickly and then “illuminated” my work with fanciful spacecraft, mythic maps, and lots of lizards and horses. My maps were quite good, my spacecraft were probably not flyable, and everything else was quite poor.

But now, thanks to powerful computer hardware and clever software, I can make cartoons based on nothing more than photographs that I’ve taken and odd comments. Such as this:

Cartoon showing two stacks of CD-ROMs mulling over their fate.

Combine powerful computers and software, a decent photo or three and some brief text, and you have cartoons!

You can find more such efforts at KLJC Computing Cartoons.