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Early version of Google

This was the early version of Google. Using these humble wooden drawers, generations of scholars and researchers, desperate students and cunning spies, despairing parents and fanatical bibliophiles, and every other shape and size of reader delved into the depth and breadth of human understanding.

Something worth considering: Google contains only a fraction of the knowledge once cataloged by card catalogs. Technology has digitized and indexed only that which is easy to digitize and index; most journal articles, newspaper articles, books, scientific papers, notebooks and other written material are still confined to physical forms, and unknown to Internet search engines.

How I miss card catalogs.

The humble card catalog was the early version of Google. These wooden drawers held the wonder's of the world's past and the future of the universe.

The humble card catalog was the early version of Google. These wooden drawers held the wonder’s of the world’s past and the future of the universe.

NOAA Patch and Coins

NOAA is the world’s leading publisher of original content on the Internet. Not collected from others, but direct publishing. Every day, NOAA instruments, programs, projects and people push a steady stream of environmental, technical and scientific information out to the U.S. public. These commemorative coins were issued to honor NOAA’s history; the patch is just a patch.

Adventures in shopping

There are some things that are overwhelming, such as seeing the ocean for the first time, or gazing on the Grand Canyon, or hearing a symphony in person. Or visiting a Wegmans.

Most of the planet has never visited a Wegmans, which at this point are concentrated in a small strip running from Massachusetts to Virginia. A regular supermarket is to a Wegmans much as a gas can is to a supertanker: same basic idea, but vastly different scale. Just the lunch area at a Wegmans is often larger than an entire supermarket anywhere else. Or, possibly, Delaware.

But size is not the only consideration; there is also breadth, or scope, or something. Into the “something” category, we offer Exhibit A,

Your choice: incontinence or hair color.

Given the two choices offered, I’ll go with Hair Color.

in which the brightly lighted, brightly colored shelves offer some interesting choices, according to the signage.

Wegmans excels at specialty foods, having a very generous gluten-free food section, for example, and “ethnic” food that seems to encompass all the continents except Antarctica. Given the gradually rising average age of the U.S. population, it is not surprising that Wegmans caters to this audience, too, but few stores offer aging customers food that is also aging:

Salt and pepper squid.

Salt and pepper squid: will Grecian Formula help?

Come to think of it, I’m not sure Antarctica is overlooked. There may be some krill back there in the fish department…