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All natural organic citrus aloe vera

In our quest to get back to nature and a highly processed, untouched-by-human-hands world, we offer this:

Organic natural pure citrus aloe vera soap

Organic natural pure citrus aloe vera soap body bar in a somewhat less than organic plastic wrapper. Photo by Lawrence I. Charters

The collection of words on the packaging makes no sense, beyond an obvious, overly anxious attempt to seem hip and “natural.” If the soap were “pure citrus,” it would be an orange or grapefruit. And if it were purely citrus, it could not include aloe vera.

The typography is also suspect, with everything in ALL CAPS except “Body Bar” and “formulated with.”

While on the subject of hotel soaps (this was found in a hotel), why is the soap always encased in some wrapping that defies all attempts to remove it, especially if your hands are wet? Most normal people, when washing their hands (or other parts of their body), get their hands wet, first, and then reach for the soap. And if the soap is contained in a wrapper that meets MIL SPEC regulations for ballistic armor, and cannot be removed with anything less than tools normally found in the garage, how is one to wash with the soap?

Perhaps you are supposed to wash with the wrapper, and leave the pure citrusy organic stuff alone.