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Mad desserts at Mad Fox


Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church, Virginia, is obviously known for their beer. Not being beer drinkers, we looked for other items of interest — and found them.

A group of four of us split three different desserts. Not only did they taste delicious, they also looked delicious.


A chocolate and carmel tart. It has a graham cracker tart shell, and is topped with whipped cream and smoked sea salt.


This was a dessert pizza. Italians will instantly recognize it as something other than a pizza. They’re just jealous.


Don’t remember what this was called but it looks like Twinkies in a cup. This observation was vigorously opposed by the diner who ordered it.

Plan ahead

You know how you’ve waited all year to sell things during the Christmas season? Some business report 60 to 90 percent of their profits come from sales during the November-December period, and they plan accordingly.

Such as this vendor who crafted a sign too large for a placard too small: “CHRISTNA FRESH WREATHS.” Nothing spells quality so much as a clear, unambiguous sign.

Photo taken with an iPhone in Silverdale, Washington.


Microsoft Warning Message

I found this fascinating:

Microsoft Warning Message

You bought something. We're not sure what you bought, but we hope you are happy with what we sent.

Isn’t this just the sort of thing that gives you confidence that, not only does Microsoft sell IT software and hardware, they’ve also got just a splendid handle on how to use it?