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Beach House, Cardiff By the Sea

The Beach House is a marvelous restaurant in Cadriff by the Sea, the poetically named oceanside community in northern San Diego County, California. The restaurant itself is oceanside, too — and that doesn’t mean a block or two away, but right on the beach.

This photo was taken with an iPhone at sunset. As you might expect, the gentleman in front is nothing but a silhouette, the sky is blown out, and generally speaking the view doesn’t look as good as a photo as it does to the eye:


But this photo, taken just seconds later, looks much better. The gentleman across the table is no longer just a silhouette, the sky has clouds, the waves look much better, and even the two glasses in the foreground look better:


The second photo was taken using the iPhone’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting. This essentially takes two photos, one slightly overexposed and one slightly underexposed, and then combines the two. It isn’t entirely perfect if there is motion; if you look at the gentleman’s hair, you will see slight ghosting at the back as he moved his head a bit. But, generally speaking, this is impressive, considering that it was taken with a phone.

Not quite impressive (it is slightly out of focus) is this photo, also by iPhone, of my dinner at the Beach House: hoisin-glazed salmon with Shitake garlic Shanghai noodles and tempura sea beans. The salmon was impressive, the noodles were fine, but the real surprise were the tempura sea beans. Marvelous.


Quiet stud are


This Yoda-like sign suggests that studs are quiet.

Yet in an informal sampling of every woman I know, they claim this is not true. Unless, of course, the stud is asked a question requiring an answer, in which case absolute silence is all but guaranteed.

Taken in the Geisel Library, University of California San Diego.


House of Hospitality


You are supposed to be hospitable to visitors. But in San Diego, this apparently presents some kind of cultural barrier, so the Visitor Center has a House of Hospitality.

Presumably you are either ignored or treated rudely everywhere else.


Globe Theatre rebuilt


Fans of the Bard know that the Globe Theatre, where most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed, burned down centuries ago.

But far fewer probably know that it has been restored. It is better than ever, with reinforcement to handle earthquakes, fire-proof construction, sprinkler systems, lighting — everything Shakespeare himself probably couldn’t imagine.

And in a perfectly fitting location: in Balboa Park, in San Diego, California. Thank the Kroc Foundation (McDonald’s) for major funding.


Mad desserts at Mad Fox


Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church, Virginia, is obviously known for their beer. Not being beer drinkers, we looked for other items of interest — and found them.

A group of four of us split three different desserts. Not only did they taste delicious, they also looked delicious.


A chocolate and carmel tart. It has a graham cracker tart shell, and is topped with whipped cream and smoked sea salt.


This was a dessert pizza. Italians will instantly recognize it as something other than a pizza. They’re just jealous.


Don’t remember what this was called but it looks like Twinkies in a cup. This observation was vigorously opposed by the diner who ordered it.

Road to nowhere


Erewhon, an 1872 novel by Samuel Butler, is a satire of Victorian English society. The title is an anagram of the word “nowhere,” written backwards with two transposed letters.

Which may not seem to have anything to do with this photo, taken with an iPhone in Arlington, Virginia. Not too far from the Pentagon, it shows a crosswalk to — nowhere.


Do androids dream of electric sheep?


Philip K. Dick’s novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, was the inspiration of one of the best science fiction movies of all time, the 1982 feature film Blade Runner. And that was the only reason to take this photo, with an iPhone, of a shop in University Village, Seattle, Washington.