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Who says our government is sterile and soulless?

It is a political year (which suggests that some years are not political?) and a popular view is that government — local, state, national, international — is enriched in extravagant luxury.

Those who work in government have a different view. Far from luxury, government offices — except those of elected officials — tend to be austere. Supplies are limited. Office automation is basic. The buildings are frequently placed in locations no one else would build, limiting access to restaurants and parks.

There are some exceptions. Take, for example, this brand-new government building:

Soulless government building

Soulless government building

Who says government buildings lack soul? Can there be anything more cheerful and vibrant than this hallway, part of a new facility built in a swamp in Northern Virginia? If you look real hard, you’ll notice a spot of color way, way down that hallway.

It has all the latest features, including vending machines that charge 25 cents per purchase if you use a credit card to buy something.