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All-American cuisine, food, alimento

American food is as unique as our culture: hot dogs (sorta German), tacos (Mexican), spaghetti (Italian), hamburgers (oddly enough, a U.S. invention, though the name is German), sushi (Japanese), chop suey (also a U.S. invention), etc. We are a nation of immigrants, and those immigrants bring their food as well as their languages into American kitchens.

As proof of this, consider a Korean-operated sandwich cafe in Silver Spring, Maryland. It offers fairly typical American sandwich fare: roast beef, chicken, turkey and ham, on assorted types of bread ranging from whole wheat, multi-grain and rye to “wraps,” where whatever is normally put between slices of bread is instead rolled up into a flour tortilla.

Then there is this:

All-American quesadilla panini

All-American quesadilla panini

What could be more American than a quesadilla panini? In steak or chicken? Unlike a regular quesadilla, however, there is no tortilla.

For that, you may have to wait for the forthcoming quesadilla panini wrap.