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Performance art and acceptance


An interesting piece of performance art sent to me by someone who hates performance art.


I suspect that “hatred” of performance art is in some degree based on the name. All art has a performance element, be it photography, sculpture, or playing Othello (either the Shakespeare character or the game). So dropping “performance” out of the term, it is clear that the content and perceived message (if any) is critical: this was sent to me by a politically conservative friend who appreciated the patriotic message.

Presumably, the same performer, the same music, the same paints, etc., would have been unacceptable if the end result was, say, a picture of a slightly dented tuna can.

Feeding is now litter


This sign, posted on a San Diego, California, trolley stop, equates feeding birds with litter. If feeding is litter, this suggests you probably don’t want to try eating a snack on the trolley, or breast feeding an infant. Photo taken with an iPhone.


Globe Theatre rebuilt


Fans of the Bard know that the Globe Theatre, where most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed, burned down centuries ago.

But far fewer probably know that it has been restored. It is better than ever, with reinforcement to handle earthquakes, fire-proof construction, sprinkler systems, lighting — everything Shakespeare himself probably couldn’t imagine.

And in a perfectly fitting location: in Balboa Park, in San Diego, California. Thank the Kroc Foundation (McDonald’s) for major funding.