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Vampires in the airport

This sign was posted on an overly ornate chair in a shop inside the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport terminal:

It's always twilight in Forks, Washington

Sign proclaiming "It's always twilight in Forks, Washington." This is something of an exaggeration, but not if you are a fan of the "Twilight" vampire novels. (iPhone photo by Lawrence I. Charters)

The sign poses a number of important questions:

  1. The chair was one of those ridiculously ornate iron chairs you stick out on your patio. Given the fact that this is the Pacific Northwest, why would anyone purchase such a chair? It will rust. Probably in days, if not hours.
  2. Does a major metropolitan area really expect to capitalize on the fame of a town of 3,300 people located located 208 miles away (by land; less if you take a floating bridge or a ferry)?
  3. Does the Pacific Northwest want to be known for vampires and werewolves?
  4. Does the Pacific Northwest want to be known for fictional vampires and werewolves?

Of course, I’m not sure I want to know the answers to these questions.